Yes.  I want to talk about bathhouses.

This is definitely a gigglez post.

So since our trip to South Korea last year, my friend and I have been wanting to go back to a Korean Bathhouse.  Sure, it was an experience, and in that I mean, after knowing her for 20+ years, we became that much closer because little did we know that when you go to into a Korean bathhouse, everybody strips down to their butt naked birthday suit.  They give you a tiny towel… not to cover yourself, but for you to lay down to sit on…

Besides that part, they have these ahjumas (older ladies) that use a sponge (think the ones you use to clean stains off your pots) and scrub you down.  Scrub you down EVERYWHERE.  I felt like a car going through a carwash.  Anyways, despite that sounding horrific (it was kind of in reality), I had never felt cleaner after.

Anyways,  so being the good friend that I am, and being the Google dependent person that I am (please don’t ever leave me Google), I googled “Korean Bathhouses, Hong Kong”.

To my horrified (I was googling in a very public area, mind you) and bemused amusement…

Bathhouses are as per Wiki (please also don’t ever leave me Wikipedia):

“Commercial bathhouses are for men to have sex with other men”

And urban dictionary (top definition):

” A sauna type place where gay guys f***”

Was I the only one who didn’t know that?  Never thought of myself as that innocent…

Well, there you go… No Korean-style bathhouses in Hong Kong, but I found a website with all the bathhouses listed by country/region/city and there are plenty of the Urban Dictionary type bathhouses in HK.  Who knew!  Seriously, am I the only one?!  MIND. BLOWN.

PS.  Well bathhouse is now in my google search history.  Teeheehee. Could be worse I guess.  Oh and did I mention that after my research on bathhouses, completed with pictures from blogs, the old man next to me gave me a dirty look when I stood up to walk away?  The things I do for friends….  Sheesh.


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