Coffee Lam 林芊妤 – Caught having a quickie in IFC’s handicap toilet

So Coffee Lam, a Z-lister, was having a date, or just an outing with a guy friend (wealthy businessman apparently) and they had dinner at IFC (popular mall in a very central part of HK), which led to some drinks, which led to some flirting, which, lead to… teehee… two people in the handicapped bathroom.

Unbeknownst to Ms. Lam was that, a paparazzi had recognized her and had been tailing her from dinner to toilet and now a mob of them had parked themselves in front of the said toilet.  Lots of moaning, and 30 mins later… completed with some funny dialogue from Coffee (I like you, but I don’t think you like me enough, blah blah blah), she emerges from the toilet, finally realizing that she’s been caught on camera.  Oops!

Her initial story started with:  They are just friends having a “gathering”.  To which the paparazzi retorted with: “In the bathroom?”  She later changed her story to him being her boyfriend…  Which is it?

If you can understand Cantonese, or just want to hear her moaning about in a public toilet:

Few days later:  she posted this on FB:

Coffee LamRough and very liberal translation:

She’s sorry for letting down her friends and family.  She will take full responsibility for her actions and will face them.  At the same time, she asks for space from the paparazzi and that she will find another living lifestyle.

The whole tone of the message is very solemn and super dramatic, where in reality and what I think personally…  she just did some frisky business in a bathroom,

Now here’s the shiggles:

I don’t think it’s a big deal.  Do you?  Sure, it was indecent activity, but wouldn’t something along the lines of, “I was a bit drunk, and things got out of hand.  As an adult, I take full responsibility of what happened and will see to it that things don’t get to that degree again in the future.”

UPDATE:  TVB (the monopoly HK TV channel) exec, Virginia Lok has expressed that due to Ms. Lam’s tainted image, they might have to rearrange her duties (ahem, i think they mean to fire or take her out from the public eye.

So there you have it.  HK thinks it’s a very big deal!

What do you think?  Big deal or not?  Let us know in the comments below!





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