How do HK-ers view sex?

Disclaimer! Since I don’t have too many local born and raised Hong Kong friends, the below is based on a sample size of say half a dozen people. This is purely my opinion so if you have a different one to mine, tell me.

The daunting S-word:

Hong Kong-ers are more on the conservative side. Or at least they’re tight lipped about it if they’re doing anything not “conservative”. Expect none of the Sex in the City conversations to arise around the brunch table – in fact, bring sex up and everybody gets incredibly squeamish and embarrassed.

Also, you have to understand that:

Exorbitant rent costs


Living at home (Considered filial to do so)

= A majority of adults still live at home with their parents, which then makes sex a much harder thing to do.

I’m actually interested to know how HK couples that both live at home have sex… Most don’t have cars & there are people everywhere so you can’t do the thing where you park your car at the side of a deserted road and get it on (errr… or i mean get it in). So do HK couples have sex regularly? And where?

Elders are very vocal and tend to pass judgment of what is good or not and sex before marriage is NOT good, so while you might be doing it, but you make sure to be seen on the side where you’re against it and you personify yourself as absolutely not doing it (even if you are).


This shush shush-ness leads to less sex education because I still hear people tell me that pulling out is as safe of a method as condoms. Oh wait. Canadians tell me that too. Peeps, that is not a safe method & it doesn’t protect against STDs! (Sorry, just had to get it out there).

Now, if i had to go on a limb and assume something, I would assume that Pap Smears aren’t as prevalent either because getting one means you’ve done it.

So yes, point of this post. Do HK locals talk about sex amongst their tighter girls groups or no? Do they have sex regularly when in a relationship and where? Is sex seen as part of a relationship and is it a two way activity, or is it seen purely as something to keep the boy happy?

Help the perplexed Canadian understand =D




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