Long thing that you blow into?

Okay, I know that the title was super misleading…

But just entertain me okay?  It’s been a long day.

I love this area of Hong Kong for the music – D’Aguilar and Queen’s road.

There is frequently someone either in front of MCM or next to Gap singing or playing music.

Today, we walked by and this super cool artist was playing this, but I had no idea what this instrument is.  Makes a really deep bass sound and funky sound.


So my internal curious kitty was clawing to come out.  Therefore, I FacebBook-ed his name “HakGwai” and after riffling through his posts, *drum roll please”, the instrument is:  Didgeridoo, an Australian wind instrument.

Please show him some support.  He’s super funny.  Apparently, the police have been giving him trouble because “his thing is too long and big”.  Har Har Har.



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