HKU and PopVote’s Mock Election in HK

I have just learned (sorry for my ignorance) that in HK, Chief Executive Mr. Leung was voted and selected by only a 1200 member election committee.

There’s 7 million + people in HK…

Which means that only 0.01% of the population had a say… I dare say, even with my bare pass in uni stats, that that is not a representative sample of the population.


Hong Kong is now standing up for themselves and they’re saying that they want a say in the 2017 Chief Executive election.

In a nutshell, University of Hong Kong with the help of Popvote, has created a mock election and they’ve already received 500, 000+ votes.

Well, let’s just say I’ve never seen so many people so interested in voting (A lot of Canadians take democracy for granted).  The generation Y guy at work said to me deadpan – “This is what we’ve been wanting for a long time, democracy.  Of course I have to vote.  We have to show them we want this.”

Kudos to him.

I believe you can download the app and vote right from your phone.

Here’s the site for more info:

Have you voted in the mock election yet?  Make your voice count!




One thought on “HKU and PopVote’s Mock Election in HK”

  1. you should add that the committee is mostly sent from Beijing, so the candidate will be 100% pro-China. but I’m happy at least you know it! a lot of people, including myself before meeting my husband, didn’t realize in what situation HK is. Now it’s getting worse and worse 😦 so thank you!

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