NSFW: Alter Lateral String Flash Thong (Swimsuit for Men)

Alright guys….  I’ve been rendered speechless.









Okay, my speech is coming back.

Have you seen the new craze of men’s swimsuits?  Let me introduce you to the Alter Lateral String Flash.  They were invented by a French company and sold on Inderwear.com.   Those “cheeky” Frenchies.

Get your eyeballs ready.   Ready?

Lateral String Flash

Isn’t it very cheeky?  (Pun totally intended)

The most perplexing part of this is that this genital sock only comes in 3 sizes:  S, M, L, but, (or BUTT), I’m not sure if that’s measuring the size of your family jewels, or the size of your body/thighs…  Careful guys, wearing it could make you become the butt of all jokes.  Snigger.

Out of 5 reviews on the legitimate site,  the Lateral String Flash was given a 4.8/5 rating.  An happy customer writes:

There you go.  To each their own & friendly reminder to trim the garden before venturing out to purchase one of these bad boys.



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