Goofy and his Toothless Story

Right picture was a couple of months before  I had left Vancouver to move to HK – please take note of his gorgeous million dollar smile and his entire set of pearly whites.  I cannot stress the word “entire” enough.  Entire meaning, wholesome, complete, unbroken, full, undamaged, no-teeth-missing.

Goofy and his toothless story

Left photo was received via Whatsapp in Dec, late 2013-ish.  I thought Goofballs was super cute and didn’t think anything of it, until a couple of months ago.  I remember thinking, “I thought he had a complete bottom set of teeth…”.  You see, Goofy was born sans his adult upper K9 (the fangs used to rip and shred meat) teeth and we had his baby K9’s removed because the vet said it would lead to infection and complications later on in his life should we have left them in.  It’s kinda funny because when he growls, he’s not vicious at all because he doesn’t have his fangs – tehehehe.

I thought I remembered his full set of pearly whites since I was in charge of his teeth brushing.  So off i went, in search of old photos for comparison.  Upon comparison, I immediately realized that Goofy is missing teeth!!! Based on the photos, i think he’s missing 2.  Well, he’s actually missing 4!

That’s right!  I told my mom to check and he’s lost 2 teeth on the bottom and 2 on the top.  The vet said it could be due to old age, plague buildup and other things that my mom couldn’t understand.  I personally think they fell off because my mom fell off the teeth brushing wagon.  They actually recommended Goofy to go get a professional dental cleanup after that incident and that costed a fortune…

I still can’t believe how my mom didn’t realize that Goofy was missing teeth.  UGH. *face palm*

Dog owners and lovers, please brush your dog’s teeth, or else, you’ll be left with a toothless dog and toothless is only cute as a name for a dragon!




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