Hong Kong Life – The Moose View

If you’ve read the About section, you would know that I’m a CBC  (Chinese Born Canadian).  Most of the times, I feel that as a CBC, I am given a much harder time than Westerners.  Before anyone goes cray cray on me, let me explain.

Not trying to be discriminatory but for convenience’s sake, I’m the moose in the centre and HK are the pandas.  So, in short, I feel like I’m a complete outsider because yes, while I am Chinese, but I’m Canadian at heart.  I grew up in Canada and I have more Westernized values and way of life.

This is what I feel like:

Canadian Smoo 1


But this is how HK people view me as:

Canadian Smoo 2 So while I look a little different, but I’m essentially the same as them (just a lot fatter), so I’m expected to know, behave, act, and think like them, or at the very least, understand why.  BUT I DON’T.

HK embodies the East coast mentality; time is money, so don’t waste their time, don’t do small talk with them and DO NOT block their way in the MTR stations.  It’s not that HK locals aren’t friendly, they just don’t understand why I’m asking something that they think is tres common sense.

In the case that you are a Gweilo (Caucasian), then they understand you don’t know because you look completely different from them and therefore, they are a lot more patient.

Throughout this blog, I will try my very best to document things that I find amusing in HK, that locals will otherwise find completely normal (my threshold for amusing is quite low though, let’s put out that disclaimer first).

If you’ve already had an amusing HK experience, let me know in the comments below!




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