Time to say Good Bye! New site: TheSmooDiaries.com

You’re probably thinking, WWWHATTT?!

Good bye?!  But I’ve barely started with the hellos!

But then, this happened:


TheSmooDiaries.com  TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com  TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com TheSmooDiaries.com

Yes, that is shameless promotion for my newly bought domain name that is ALL MINE (and also for my very late pride shout-out to the LGBT Community since I know a lot of gay pride parades happened not too long ago).  Since, I still don’t know how to work publicizing posts, tagging things properly, and actually promoting through the cyber world, this will have to suffice.

To my dear 9 followers:

*Puffs out chest*  I am proud to say, I have 9 followers.  Hugs and kisses to each one of those followers.  ❤ xoxoxo

*Deflates chest* But I have no idea how to transfer your subscription to my new site.  Pout and sad face.  If you could subscribe and follow me over there, that would make me very happy <3.

How I spent my day:

I spent my Canada day in a live chat with Bluehost, because after I bought my domain name, I didn’t even know how to log onto my domain name.  Yeah, I could go to the site as an user, but as a backend administrator…  I had no idea how to log on… I’m just a cyber retard.

At one point, I actually put:

I promise you, I’m actually a lot brighter in person, but just unfortunately, not in this aspect.

That being said, it took me the entire day to transfer the very few posts that I have from wordpress.com to thesmoodiaries.com

In fact, I still don’t know how things work – including all the plugins I’ve been downloading.  So on wordpress.com, I complain that I can’t install plugins, and now, I’m complaining that I don’t know how to work them & that there are too many to choose from.   Hahaha, I’m just a Debbie Downer today eh?

Anyways, I’m actually regretting leaving WordPress because while there were limitations but the functionality and the user friendliness of it all was just fantastic.  Now that the blog is being “self hosted”,  well, let’s just say, I have no idea what’s going on in terms of the behind the scenes stuff.  Yeah, sounding incredibly cogent today.

Please visit me, it’s lonely over there!

Anyhoo, please visit THESMOODIARIES.COM and follow me there.  It would mean the world(s) to me, you know, Earth + all the other planets + Pluto (because it was still a planet when I was in school and Sailor Pluto is hot).





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