The Ultimate Travel Companion
The Ultimate Travel Companion

In the form of a pillow, this Canadian moose is the mandatory accompaniment on all travels, big or small.  Through the rigours of flying, baggage carousels, and being perpetually stuffed into a cramped Longchamp bag – it was with great valour and dignity when Smoo succumbed to his first (& only) tear.  Fear not, as what Smoo lacks in stitching, he makes up for in vigour!

Smoo is, also the alter ego, or really, an alias of a Chinese – Canadian currently living in her motherland, Hong kong (thereafter will be referred to as Honkers, HK, and the likes).

This blog is:

1) A documentation of the funnies, happies, & irk-ings of  my Honkee life.

2) True and tried travel itineraries that is the product of hours of meticulous research and planning that I don’t want wasted (& nor do I want any more tourists ripped off by taxi drivers in Beijing…).

But, it is above all, first and foremost, just a blog with some light-hearted writing meant to instil some entertainment into your regular day & it is in no way or form, meant to offend any one.

Well, it is one more thing.  This is meant to stop my brain cells from dying as my rather mundane corporate job does nothing for me on that front.


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